install on windows 10

Install support for openEMS

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install on windows 10

Post by Robin » Fri 09 Jun 2017, 07:49

Although there is a caveat about installing in W10 machine, I think there is simpler reason why I cannot even "install" it. #1 I do not know if double clicking on .exe installs the program or not. I have to opt for Octave. I have added the path in the folder instructed.
#2, So when I type run command from DOS command screen some black background screen flashes through & the process ends there.
Nothing happens after that. I know Octave runs...I know its start up screen looks pretty much like matlab.
so what next? How do I "install" in this W10 machine ?
appreciate any help.

Dr. Nefario
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Re: install on windows 10

Post by Dr. Nefario » Mon 31 Jul 2017, 18:04

Hello, new user here. I installed openEMS and ParaView on Windows 10 1703, ver 15063.483 and it seems to be running fine. I ran the first Parallel Plate Waveguide example OK.
I actually installed it on two PCs. One is running Matlab R2017a and the other running Octave.

In Matlab, I used the method of installing the path to the PC environment using MATLABPATH with the Variable Value set to the path pointing to the matlab folder in the openEMS.
In the Octave installation I just modified the two files as per the instructions.

Pretty Cool. Thank you!

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