Unable to download Windows executables

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Unable to download Windows executables

Post by kenniskoldewyn » Fri 30 Nov 2018, 16:54

openEMS.de appears to be suffering from some certificate trouble. Clicking on the link in the installation page (http://openems.de/index.php/OpenEMS#Installation) for the latest 64-bit Windows executable (https://openems.de/download/win64/openE ... urrent.zip) leads to an invalid common name certificate error in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge (Chrome displays the error code as NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID and provides the explanation "This server could not prove that it is openems.de; its security certificate is from zim.web.uni-due.de.".) All three browsers permit proceeding with the download despite the error, but lead to an HTTPS access error page ("HTTPS-Zugriffsfehler: Für die Domäne openems.de ist kein https-Zugriff konfiguriert worden."). Attempting to work around the problem by switching to http (http://openems.de/download/win64/openEM ... urrent.zip) returns an HTTP 404 NOT FOUND page.

Attempting to use the other links to older versions (such as https://openems.de/download/win64/) runs into the same problems with HTTPS, and returns an HTTP 403 FORBIDDEN error for http. Any ideas?


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Re: Unable to download Windows executables

Post by thorsten » Fri 30 Nov 2018, 22:29

Well yes, still some hiccups from the migration. https support is still an open issue...

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