RunOpenEMS crash in XP home

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RunOpenEMS crash in XP home

Post by Graeme » Thu 23 Oct 2014, 18:40

It crashes XP home.
I re-installed Octave and started on the tutorials again
In 'Tutorial: Parallel Plate Waveguide' I get to "RunOpenEMS('tmp','tmp.xml','');" and it crashes, see contents of error messagbox below.
It wasn't entirely clear to me what "and start the script again" after the above in the tutorial means.
I want to model hv leads etc for a motor coil surge tester, 30kV, 1kHz to 100kHz, one to a few cycles, looking for high V/m.

openEMS.exe - Application Error
The exception Illegal Instruction An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction.
(0xc000001d) occurred in the application at location 0x00408aa4.

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Re: RunOpenEMS crash in XP home

Post by thorsten » Thu 23 Oct 2014, 20:29

Can you give more details on the machine you try to run?
I suspect that it is a quite old machine if it runs WinXP. If the CPU is too old and does not support SSE, that may be the reason...
I recommend installing some lightweight Linux, as WinXP should not be used anymore anyways...


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