Defining multiple point sources

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Defining multiple point sources

Post by pedro » Tue 26 Apr 2016, 17:44


Is possible to define a main field source, e.g. SetGaussExcite and still define multiple dipoles point sources in an openEMS simulation?

I am looking at plasmon enhanced fluorescence and the way to describe fluorophore molecules is to modulate them as dipole point sources. These fluorophore have a specific absoption wavelength and an emission wavelength and should couple to the main excitation.


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Re: Defining multiple point sources

Post by thorsten » Tue 26 Apr 2016, 20:36

You can define as many sources as you wish using different amplitudes and time shifts. They all will use the same Gaussian pulse as base signal.

The most flexible (and most computational expensive) approach would be to excite each source individually and use the superposition-principle to get any combination of sources desired by just adding the (complex weighted) resulting fields...


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