Advanced path extrusion.

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Advanced path extrusion.

Post by Hale_812 » Fri 22 Jul 2016, 03:25

Dear Thorsten

Is it possible to implement extrusion with functional or path-based modifiers with the current toolbox you use? Like it was in 3D studio back in 90s?
Its, like with a simplified wing. Having a rib following curved strings along scaling and twisting silhouette path. Or possibly morphing one rib into another with the same count of points, or by the closest path logic. Yeah, simply interconnecting a bunch of free-space contours in 5D array [#cont i xi yi zi] would solve a lot of troubles in scattering and wave-guide problems.

Imagining things... that would be cool to to get a swarm-based surfaces with a closest-point (or minimal curvature) auto interconnection or something like that... that would allow to populate function-based surfaces easily with fine precision, smoothness and ability to edit peculiarities.

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