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by Hale_812
Mon 16 May 2016, 04:08
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Topic: OpenEMS multi-processor performance
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Re: OpenEMS multi-processor performance

1) HT is not desired in most streamed math computations. It is purely logical, multiple-access nonuniform-code CPU optimization. In order for anything FPU based to operate, HT should be disabled if not avoided by the code. 2) Every MP system has problems with inter-CPU communication delays, especial...
by Hale_812
Fri 13 May 2016, 03:14
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Topic: Horn Antenna Tutorial
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Re: Horn Antenna Tutorial

Oh, it gives completely CRAZY results. First, the pattern is strange... Then the example itself. Examples are meant to be clear and correct. And in that one there are HOLES in the horn. Next, there is a-side mistaken with b-side, so a wrong mode is used. Then, I am not a specialist in FDTD and analy...
by Hale_812
Fri 13 May 2016, 03:00
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Topic: Exporting geometry to ParaView (VTK or other format)
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Exporting geometry to ParaView (VTK or other format)

Since in v0.0.33 export to VTK from AppCSXCAD does not work, is there other way to exporting geometry for combining with field reports/radiation patterns? Maybe exporting to h5 and then converting to VTK would work? Unfortunately these functions are not documented yet, so I did not get how to make t...