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by frankst
Thu 21 Jul 2016, 11:51
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Topic: Spaces in logfile name
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Spaces in logfile name

Hello, spaces in the name of a logfile would lead to unexpected results. The problem is that filenames are not protected by (double-)quotes before using the "system" command. My (dirty?) solution is to add double-quotes in "RunOpenEMS.m". See the file excerpt below. I hope you find this useful. Chee...
by frankst
Thu 21 Jul 2016, 11:43
Forum: Feedback
Topic: Windows and Logfile
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Windows and Logfile

Hello, I recognized that the openEMS logfile is working on Windows only if silent=1. The problems seems to be the missing "tee" command. Windows Powershell provides this command. I edited "invoke_openEMS.m" to make use of it. Below is an excerpt of my edited file. I hope you find this useful. Cheers...