Problems with tutorial examples

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Problems with tutorial examples

Post by jolugome1989 » Wed 10 Mar 2021, 03:58

Hi, I started using open EMS v0.0.35 with Matlab R2020b. I tested the CSXCAD and the basic steps, and they worked fine. However, when I use one of the antenna examples, the following error shows up:
Warning: Syntax for InitFDTD has changed, use: "InitFDTD('NrTS', 100, 'EndCriteria', 0)"
instead! Legacy support enabled.
> In InitFDTD (line 48)
In Parallel_Plate_Waveguide (line 19)
Unrecognized function or variable 'AddProperty'.

Error in AddExcitation (line 32)
CSX = AddProperty(CSX, 'Excitation', name, 'Type', type, 'Excite', excite, varargin{:});

Error in Parallel_Plate_Waveguide (line 32)
CSX = AddExcitation(CSX,'excitation',0,[0 1 0]);

The input command on MATLAB R2020b is: Parallel_Plate_Waveguide

I'm wondering if I had any issue with the software or some commands are missing.

I appreciate your kind help on this matter.


Jorge Gomez

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