Ubuntu --no-simulation option in RunOpenEMS does not work

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Ubuntu --no-simulation option in RunOpenEMS does not work

Post by MPCEngineer » Mon 06 Sep 2021, 13:34


Installed the latest version of openEMS for Ubuntu using https://github.com/thliebig/openEMS-Project

The option --no-simulation is causing the error

openEMS - dumping PEC info to 'PEC_dump.vtk'
openEMS - disabling simulation => preprocessing only
Create FDTD operator (compressed SSE + multi-threading)
Operator: Dumping PEC information to vtk file: PEC_dump ... done.
FDTD simulation size: 45x45x66 --> 133650 FDTD cells
FDTD timestep is: 2.97452e-13 s; Nyquist rate: 1588 timesteps @1.05853e+09 Hz
openEMS::SetupFDTD: Warning, the timestep seems to be very small --> long simulation. Check your mesh!?
Excitation signal length is: 48156 timesteps (1.43241e-08s)
Max. number of timesteps: 1000000000 ( --> 20765.8 * Excitation signal length)
error: openEMS binary exited with error-code 1
error: called from
invoke_openEMS at line 50 column 2
RunOpenEMS at line 181 column 9
helix at line 134 column 5

Script line is
RunOpenEMS( Sim_Path, Sim_CSX, '--debug-PEC --no-simulation');

Any thoughts?



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Re: Ubuntu --no-simulation option in RunOpenEMS does not work

Post by thorsten » Mon 06 Sep 2021, 19:11

Well it works, but openEMS just returns an exit code "1" in this case. I guess Octave thinks of this as an error...
But at the same time this is not too bad as continuing with the script without results may not be very useful?


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