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Designing a HF underwater antenna

Posted: Wed 05 May 2021, 04:46
by kaizmoto1489
Hi everyone,
I am designing a HF underwater antenna for water-to-air transmission but I cannot find how to have water at most boundaries and air as one of the boundaries.
Is this supported?
Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Designing a HF underwater antenna

Posted: Sat 08 May 2021, 23:19
by rml
this is actually not that difficult.
All six spatial directions of the simulation box may simply be assigned to MUR or better PML as boundary condition.
The lower part of the simulation box can then be completely filled with a cuboid using AddBox.
This must be assigned to a small priority and a previously defined material with the dielectric properties of water.
The antenna inside the water has to have a higher priority, of course.
For the mesh, please remember that the wavelength in water is much smaller than in air resp. vacuum.
Moreover, it is always helpful to try different tutorials, even if they are not about antennas.
Good luck!