EC FDTD algorithm adopted by openEMS

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EC FDTD algorithm adopted by openEMS

Post by thinkless » Wed 22 Sep 2021, 14:49

Hello, everyone,
As I read in this article: "Open-Source Software for Electromagnetic Scattering Simulation: The Case of Antenna Design", openEMS adopts the EC FDTD method, whose principles are explained in "Composite right/left-handed extended equivalent circuit (CRLH-EEC) FDTD: stability and dispersion analysis with examples".
I don't quite understand since the deduction is in matrix form. Is there any literature that explains EC-FDTD in simpler leapfrog manner?

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Re: EC FDTD algorithm adopted by openEMS

Post by thorsten » Thu 23 Sep 2021, 09:04


from a user perspective you should not care about the EC (equivalent circuit) part. It's just a different way of calculating the (same) FDTD coefficients.
At the end the engine behaves 100% identical to a plain and simple FDTD method. Only if you want to extent and develop on openEMS it would help to understand the differences (but would not even be strictly necessary).

So if you want more information, just research about FDTD and ignore the "EC"


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