openEMS usage: pcb unintentional emissions

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openEMS usage: pcb unintentional emissions

Post by rdb9878 » Wed 27 Oct 2021, 00:36

Hello. I just learned about openEMS, so sorry if this is an easy question: I see a lot of topics about openEMS being used to analyze (intentional) antenna designs, including antennas designed as PCB traces, but could you use openEMS to analyze an entire PCB design to get a general approximation of (unintentional) emissions? Trying to use it as a stepping stone before FCC compliance testing, fiddling around with the PCB design and noting improvements, without spending oodles of cash on commercial software.

Wasn't sure if that's something openEMS was designed for or could be (reasonably) made to do it.


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Re: openEMS usage: pcb unintentional emissions

Post by thorsten » Tue 09 Nov 2021, 18:44

You surely can simulate PCB's and its properties, including unwanted radiation. But of course (and this is true for any numerical solver) it all depends on the levels of details and (PCB) complexity if it can be done in a reasonable simulation time.


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