MRI_LP_Birdcage Tutorial

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MRI_LP_Birdcage Tutorial

Post by kraehlit » Thu 04 Nov 2021, 15:05


I would like to execute the MRI LP Birdcage tutorial, but I have a problem with the Virtual Human Body model.

I have the Duke v2.0.1 available, but the model contains only several STL files for the different tissues. The function 'Convert_VF_DiscMaterial' (line 63 in the tutorial) needs only one .txt and .raw file. How can I convert the STL files into the needed txt and raw file?

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Re: MRI_LP_Birdcage Tutorial

Post by thorsten » Tue 09 Nov 2021, 18:47

Hello Tobias,

the time when I used the virtual family body models was a very long time ago. Maybe this txt/raw file model is not in use anymore or can still be got additionally? I never had such nice STL files.
So I would assume that you just don't need this complicated way of doing it anymore?
Just create materials and add the STL's as there objects, just like any other material object.
Of course this means that the tutorial does not work anymore just like this...

Let me know how this goes...


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