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CSX problem

Post by alexpap » Fri 26 Nov 2021, 16:53

I tried to run a code that I wrote before 2 years. Then, I had no problem.
Now, in the point of:

%% create substrate1
%%CSX = AddMaterial(CSX,'substrate');
CSX = SetMaterialProperty(CSX,'substrate','Epsilon',substrate1.epsR,'Kappa',substrate1.kappa);
start = [-substrate1.width/2 , -substrate1.length/2 , 0];
stop = [substrate1.width/2 , substrate1.length/2 , substrate1.thickness];
CSX = AddBox(CSX,'substrate',1,start,stop);
%add extra cells to discretize the substrate1 thickness
mesh.z = [linspace(0,substrate1.thickness,substrate1.cells+1) mesh.z];

I get the following error:

Unrecognized function or variable 'GetPropertyType'.

Error in SetMaterialProperty (line 28)
CSX = SetPropertyArgs(CSX, GetPropertyType(CSX,name), name, 'Property', varargin{:});

Error in mimo8 (line 75)
CSX = SetMaterialProperty(CSX,'substrate','Epsilon',substrate1.epsR,'Kappa',substrate1.kappa);

Since, I have re-installed Matlab and openEMS, I had also check CSX through:

>> CSX = InitCSX()


struct with fields:

Properties: []
ATTRIBUTE: [1×1 struct]

Is there any idea where is the problem?

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