Calculation for sectoral horn antenna

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Calculation for sectoral horn antenna

Post by akfl » Fri 23 Jun 2017, 15:17

I'm a beginner min the field of openEMS. I like to do some quick calculations of the antenna pattern for a H-plane sectoral antenna. I use the tutorial for the horn antenna as a starting point and modified the input parameter. The waveguide is an E-band waveguide With the parameter below the model is created.

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%% setup the simulation
unit = 1e-3; % all length in mm

% horn width in x-direction
horn.width  = 45;
% horn height in y-direction
horn.height = 3.56;
% horn length in z-direction
horn.length = 40;

horn.feed_length = 50;

horn.thickness = 1;

% horn opening angle in x, y
horn.angle = [29.36 2.55]*pi/180;

% size of the simulation box
SimBox = [200 100 200];

% frequency range of interest
f_start =  75e9;
f_stop  =  85e9;

% frequency of interest
f0 = 80e9;

%waveguide TE-mode definition
TE_mode = 'TE10';
a = 3.1;
b = 1.5;
% a = horn.width;
% b = horn.height;

The model looks strange in that sense, that the side walls of the antenna are not visible and instead of that the wave guide is continued up to the aperture of the antenna. What is going wrong here in the model? Any suggestions are welcome.
Picture of the model created with the parameters above.
Screen-2017-06-23_15-12-36.png (190.68 KiB) Viewed 3117 times

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