modelling transceiver module with chip antenna

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modelling transceiver module with chip antenna

Post by jschall » Thu 15 Feb 2018, 05:41

Hello, I have some questions about modeling this transceiver module with integrated chip antenna - see attached picture.

The transceiver module's model number is DWM1000, manufactured by Decawave. Datasheets are available online.

The chip antenna's model number is ACS5200HFAUWB, manufactured by Partron. Datasheets are available online.

I have the transceiver in hand, so I can make any needed measurements with calipers.

I don't know the properties of the ceramic in the antenna. I guess I would want to start by modeling the recommended test board shown in the ACS5200HFAUWB datasheet, and tweak the material properties until the S11 plot matches the S11 plot shown in the same datasheet?

What type of port should I use? How should I place it? I guess, prior to coming out of the shield, the microstrip feed line is effectively a stripline?

Any help on this would be much appreciated!
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