Small antenna structure

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Small antenna structure

Post by Julius » Fri 05 Apr 2019, 13:11

First thanks for that amazing open source solver.
It’s quite powerful.

I am new to openEMS and I am currently trying to simulate the far field pattern, S11 parameter and impedance of an antenna.

The antenna is quite small..
it’s a rfid Tag with a meander matching structure.
The arms of the micro strip line of that meander structure is just 0.4 mm thick.

I imported everything via hyp2mat but did the mesh manually because I run into problems with the function detectEdges.

I had to choose a cell size of around 96e-6 m.. so I could put around 4 cells in the micro strip line. Also added the 1/3 and 2/3 rule for the transitions to the substrate..

I think my timestep is way too small now because it hasn’t even started calculating with fdtd. The et file is around Giga byte size and is still growing..

How can I simulate just a small structure ??

I wish I could add the files here but I don’t think I am allowed to upload them.

Can someone help me ?

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