Slotline Impedance

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Slotline Impedance

Post by will1023631 » Sat 27 Jul 2019, 00:55

So, I'm presently working on a project that uses slotlines as the transmission lines as well as the radiating elements in an array. I've managed to create a slotline port that appears to excite the slotline correctly, however, I cannot for the love of all things good figure out how to obtain the impedance of the slotline. I've made some attempts at this, but I keep getting results which are not correct at all, but I can definitely fault my present implementation to obtain the Voltage and current relationship. I've attached the files I've modified as well as the script which generates the geometry, simulates the slotline and attempts to obtain the impedance of the line as well as the files that I have created and modified in an attempt to obtain the impedance of the slotline. Any help or guidance in this would be appreciated.
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