Using multiple port

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Using multiple port

Post by openems » Fri 03 Apr 2020, 08:43

I am trying to use two radiating elements for my antenna..
If I use two ports and exciting both of them will be taken as same source for both of them or separate sources for each port?
Because I am getting different s11 for individual excitation and when both ports are excited at the same time..
I am trying to understand that using two ports will use same source for both of them or one source will excite each port serially?

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Re: Using multiple port

Post by thorsten » Fri 03 Apr 2020, 08:46

In each simulation each active port is excited. If you want an s11 and s21, you have to active port 1 and deactivate port 2. For s22 and s12 you need ti do another simulation with port 2 active and port 1 inactive.
If you excite port 1 and 2 and the coupling is very very small you could calculate s11 and s22 simultaneously but I would not recommend it.

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