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Tutorial: Patch_Antenna_Phased_Array

Posted: Sat 09 May 2020, 07:57
by jtanjs
It fails when running the Patch_Antenna_Phased_Array.m.

Got this error:

error: load: unable to find file tmp_Patch_Antenna_Phased_Array_1\port_ut1
error: called from
ReadUI at line 64 column 9
calcLumpedPort at line 76 column 3
calcPort at line 71 column 10
calcPort at line 57 column 16
Patch_Antenna_Phased_Array at line 74 column 13

Need some help.. beginner here.


Re: Tutorial: Patch_Antenna_Phased_Array

Posted: Thu 28 May 2020, 02:27
by Hale_812
seems like OS path problem. Avoid national characters, long file location strings. something like C:\project\prj1\ is a good choice.

don't forget to change the active directory in Octave/Matlab when executing.