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Feed excitation

Posted: Tue 09 Jun 2020, 07:46
by openems
How exactly a feed works? what and all components does it has? like is it a metal plate or it is just voltage changes from one point to another point? Can anybody tell me the model used for feed and any documentation for the feed..

Re: Feed excitation

Posted: Wed 10 Jun 2020, 03:28
by Hale_812
Feed is a transmission line connecting the device of interest to power source.
You, probably mean a port.

In general, most ports are voltages over a load block in OpenEMS, except plane wave excitation, which is represented by a cube with boundaries pulling a plane inside, and cancelling it outside, for pure scattering analysis.

So, when you are taking a microstrip port, the power will flow in opposite directions. Therefore you need either a PML on the other side, or a reflecting termination.

Re: Feed excitation

Posted: Sat 13 Jun 2020, 17:25
by gopugnair11
How to find feed position in simple patch antenna?kindly provide the tutorial of meander line antenna design at 0.9 Ghz frequency.