Meshing and Simulation Time of Antenna Setup

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Meshing and Simulation Time of Antenna Setup

Post by samarth2020 » Mon 14 Sep 2020, 16:25


I am new to openEMS and FDTD and currently in the process of migrating my work from FEM solvers. I am trying to simulate a patch antenna and a accompanying lens to get a narrow beam at 60 GHz as shown in the setup below.
MySetup.png (218.49 KiB) Viewed 2159 times
As can be seen the distance between the source antenna and the compressing lens is electrically quite far and there is a lot of empty air-region. It took me about a day to simulate the results. My mesh and other FDTD setup parameters might not have been optimized here. For reference simulation of just the antenna took about 10 mins with similar setup settings.

1. Could you look at the attached code and suggest ways to reduce the simulation time ?
2. HFSS allows us to break FEM volume in to separate regions (FE-BI regions). This reduces FEM calculations in free air volumes and significantly cuts down the simulation time. Is there a similar way to break my volume in 2 localised regions around the antenna and lens and not simulate the free air?
3. Do you advise MPI and/or multithreading for this problem?

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