GNU/Octave support

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GNU/Octave support

Post by jmfriedt » Sun 26 Jun 2022, 17:44

Amazing piece of software, installed both from github and debian package, thank you.

A quick note about GNU/Octave support: the examples mention support for Octave 3.3.52 which might have been a time when all packages were automagically loaded. That is not the case anymore and packages must be loaded manually. That breaks Matlab compatibility which I handle in the header of my scripts with

if (exist ("OCTAVE_VERSION", "builtin") > 0) % if running GNU/Octave: load toolboxes
pkg load csxcad
pkg load openems

For what it is worth, this simple addition to the matlab/examples/antennas will make them compatible with current (>5) versions of GNU/Octave.

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