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Qucs -> OpenEMS converter

Posted: Wed 22 Jul 2020, 17:38
by thomaslepoix
OpenEMS community,
Dear Thorsten,

It's advertisement time!

I wrote the Qucs-RFlayout tool to export microstrip Qucs schematics to PCB layout tools such as KiCad PcbNew and I just add an interface to export OpenEMS scripts.

It produces the whole script with its own command line interface to be as user friendly as possible. Plus I tried to embed quite complete and general postprocessing capabilities. (I also created two new Octave functions based on plotRefl.m and plotFF3D.m, I will do a PR soon.)

Here is the development version :
And there is a tutorial : ...

Waiting for your feedback :)
Best regards,

PS : To jcyrax from pcbmodelgen, matthuszagh from pyems, michal777 from openems_wizard_draft. If you read this, please contact me, I think we should work together to make our tools converge to a coherent user experience.