Release Notes on openEMS v0.0.25

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Release Notes on openEMS v0.0.25

Post by thorsten » Mon 12 Dec 2011, 12:16

A few days ago, openEMS version v0.0.25 has been released.

Some of the new features:
  • CSXCAD: new transformation scheme: apply a transformation (e.g. rotation, translation, scaling) to any primitive object
  • CSXCAD: new rotational polygon primitive
  • CSXCAD: arbitrary transformation (e.g. rotation, translation, scaling) of discrete material (e.g. human body model) properties
  • QCSXCAD: 3D view mode as default, material is transparent
  • New queue interface for parallel matlab execution (currently Linux only)
  • Find a free ssh host (Linux only)
  • Dump far-field pattern to vtk
  • Advanced timestep in cylindrical coordinates
  • console output reduced & simplified
  • some new antenna tutorials
Have a look at the wiki entry at:

Checkout installation guide:

Any feedback & ideas are welcome.


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