Funding OpenEMS?

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Funding OpenEMS?

Post by Coto » Sat 07 May 2022, 20:29

Hi all,

Just a very general question on the state of the project: what would it take to get the ball back rolling in regard to the development of OpenEMS? I believe the solver is fantastic for RF simulations and antenna design, and despite the presence of a few limitation and restrictions here and there (e.g. automatic meshing, usability, solver speed, etc.), I think things could be a lot more accessible with a bit more work.

While I think we can all agree that everyone would benefit from OpenEMS improvements, I also understand that these things take a lot of time and effort, which very few have time to dedicate into.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because I am currently building a commerical (open-source) platform for RF simulations, and I am confident in the business model and its potential of funding efforts like the development of OpenEMS. My background revolves around computer science and antenna/RF engineering research, and I've been working as a product manager for an antenna design software company, which I've been wanting to step away from and work on my own commerical open-source tool for simulations.

Would funding the project be something of interest to developers of OpenEMS to encourage them to allocate more time and effort into the project, or have people's interests completely shifted to other kinds of things?

OpenEMS is truly an amazingly powerful tool if treater properly, so I'd be very grateful I could help push the development a step forward or two. :D

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