I'm trying to make easy to use (clickable) simulation scripts generator

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I'm trying to make easy to use (clickable) simulation scripts generator

Post by asdf » Mon 17 Jun 2019, 14:04

I think it was quite hard to learn (and still difficult for me) to write code to make the simulations with openEMS. Test scripts are very flexible but it's a lot of work (especially for beginners) to make even simple simulation of typical things (like eg. microstrip filter or other PCB components). I'm not a real software developer but I'm trying to make a test scripts generator that would help to generate the scripts with a simple user interface.
Some assumptions:
- I'm using C++ and Qt.
- I't a wizard - set of pages, where every page contains some controls that allows to configure some things about simulation (for example: select boundary conditions from drop down list instead of writing function in Octave).
- Each page translates the user input to a piece of test script, the pieces of code are joined in the end into the simulation script
- Currently AppQCSXCAD provides some means to make geometry in a clickable way. It could be developed into a complete user interface and test scripts could be even skipped. The reasons I make the wizard instead of adding missing features to AppQCSXCAD are: 1. It would be far beyond my level of skills in C++, 2. the wizard test scripts generator outputs a script that can be further edited, so it can be useful for those who want to start with such autogenerated template, 3. this can help to learn writing test scripts
- The wizard is integrated with AppQCSXCAD but it's very weak coupling (I'm trying to not contaminate the QCSXCAD with my non-professional coding). I take the pointer to the QCSXCAD and then use get.../set... functions already present in QCSXCAD to interact with the viewer. Currently I'm able to add some simple shapes to be displayed in the viewer.
- My attempts are here: https://github.com/michal777/QCSXCAD/tree/master/wizard
- Done so far: some basic configuration of simulation, adding primitives in progress (box primitive almost done). To be done: ports (will be simplified), mesh (that's more work), generating scripts for results processing, also trying to use QScriptEngine to make dimensions parametric, ...
- Still a lot to do. Help wanted.

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Re: I'm trying to make easy to use (clickable) simulation scripts generator

Post by smerrett79 » Tue 25 Jun 2019, 07:57

Hi asdf, I don't have the skills to help you with this but I just wanted to say thanks for trying to help make openEMS more accessible to people.

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