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Time data in vtk dumps

Posted: Thu 06 Feb 2020, 01:47
by Hale_812
Dear Thorsten,
Can you implement TimeValue (at least optional) field in vtr dumps for ParaView showing the propagation time? Maybe setting time-scale like "0"(integer steps),"1e-6", "1e-9" would be useful?

Re: Time data in vtk dumps

Posted: Sun 09 Feb 2020, 16:18
by thorsten
it should be possible to add an attribute like this I guess.
But maybe you can extract the time-step (e.g. from filename?). The log should give you the factor (how long is one timestep).


Re: Time data in vtk dumps

Posted: Mon 10 Feb 2020, 01:43
by Hale_812
I mean, I can extract, but it is very hard feeding the time data to paraview. If it is inside, it is accepted automatically for every "frame" as exact time.