Readin XCat Phantom ==> Inappropiate Filetype

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Readin XCat Phantom ==> Inappropiate Filetype

Post by DeltaMike » Fri 19 Feb 2021, 00:36

Hi There,

trying to load an xCat Phantom using Ubuntu 18.04 (aptitude) and CentOS 8 Straming compiled from Source for both we get the same strange Error Message:

ReadHDF5: Reading "output_chrisPars_2_act_1.hdf5"
ReadDataSet: Error, unknown data type
ReadHDF5: Error, failed to read or invalid mesh, abort...
HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 (1.10.4) thread 139674669733696:
#000: ../../../src/H5F.c line 668 in H5Fclose(): closing file ID failed
major: File accessibilty
minor: Unable to close file
#001: ../../../src/H5Fint.c line 2033 in H5F__close(): invalid file identifier
major: File accessibilty
minor: Inappropriate type
Warning: Unknown Property found!!!

A closer look into it seems that the typeIDs (H5F_Native_FLOAT) red from the hdf5 are corrupted. Reading the same file with Windows version works. And even strange HDFview shows that is being good.

All three computers are x86_64 arhcitecutres with 32 GiB of RAM.

Any ideas on howto solve the issue? (appart from setting up a number of windows fcomputer ;)

Thank You.


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