Designing a HF underwater antenna

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Designing a HF underwater antenna

Post by kaizmoto1489 » Wed 05 May 2021, 04:46

Vacuum Cleaner - Shark APEX UpLight Review


Most households, particularly those with dogs, nevertheless need a decent upright vacuum. To reach narrow or high areas, you'll also need a good vacuum with exceptional capabilities and attachments. A well-known typewriter may be able to fulfill all of your requests.

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About Shark APEX UpLight

The Shark APEX UpLight is an excellent stick vacuum in general. It's perfect for pet owners since it effortlessly vacuums fur from any surface. This vacuum isn't bothered by bare floors since it can pick up any dirt with ease.

It's excellent to use on the thin carpet even if this vacuum doesn't have the energy or can't adjust the suction on the surface, but it struggles with tiny and big particles on a high-pile carpet. plus,This vacuum may also be used in a portable mode. However, the hose length is relatively small.

it also comes with a few useful tools, including a strong bristle brush, turbo brush, crevice tool and although additional brushes are available. Netherless, your vacuum has many components that need maintaining, including two brushrolls and three separate filters, but they're all pretty simple to get.

Overall, this vacuum works effectively in a variety of situations.


Pros & Cons

The shark uplight vacuum is high-quality equipment that has performed well on a variety of floor surfaces. If this machine is within your budget, read the following advantages and disadvantages that we discovered in our Shark apex uplight review.

  • Compact
  • Effective on bare floors and carpet
  • Zero-M technology
  • DuoClean technology & sealed system
  • Long power cord
  • Lift away pod
  • Easy-to-empty
  • HEPA filter
  • No adjustable sucking power
  • Relatively Small dust canister

Personal Opinions

Incredible vacuum cleaner

This tiny beast does an incredible cleaning job. I onw a large German Shepherd service dog that sheds as if his life depended on creating a hair carpet all over the house.

The self-cleaning function with brushroll seems to be effective since there is no need to stop now and again to clear the hose and brushes of hair. The suction power is excellent. This in and of itself implies that I complete vacuuming in half the time it used to take me before.

I then raised it off the floor and used the wand and brush to vacuum small carpets and dust a few things about the house. However, after actually cleaning, the dust cup proves to be more than sufficient to hold dust. This one, for some reason, manages to compact all of the hair into a tiny ball that doesn't fill the small dust cup, and it was thrown straight into the garbage.

OK, now for my complaints. You will not find a way to adjust the suction power, so it is difficult to suck on a thin carpet. Besides, the dust canister is relatively tiny, and you may feel annoyed to empty it regularly.

However, it is a significant vacuum. The self-cleaning brush roll design is fantastic, and when combined with its powerful suction, it makes for a great cleaning helper.


Shark apex uplight corded lift away is another top-of-the-line equipment that has worked well throughout our cleaning process on various surfaces.

Loaded with capabilities that outperform some of the most expensive versions on the market, UpLight has everything you need to clean your floors and is very useful as a domestic worker.
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Re: Designing a HF underwater antenna

Post by rml » Sat 08 May 2021, 23:19

this is actually not that difficult.
All six spatial directions of the simulation box may simply be assigned to MUR or better PML as boundary condition.
The lower part of the simulation box can then be completely filled with a cuboid using AddBox.
This must be assigned to a small priority and a previously defined material with the dielectric properties of water.
The antenna inside the water has to have a higher priority, of course.
For the mesh, please remember that the wavelength in water is much smaller than in air resp. vacuum.
Moreover, it is always helpful to try different tutorials, even if they are not about antennas.
Good luck!

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