Documentation of the code

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Documentation of the code

Post by gmichel » Fri 02 Dec 2016, 22:52


is there any kind of documentation of the architecture of the openEMS code (UML diagrams, class hierarchies etc.)? What are the areas where help is most needed?


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Re: Documentation of the code

Post by thorsten » Sat 03 Dec 2016, 10:26

Hi Georg,

there is no real code documentation and this will most likely not be a big surprise.
If you want I could create a doxygen documentation, but I'm not sure how helpful that would be.

The C++ code itself (CSXCAD, openEMS) is in rather good shape. Thus any help here would be driven by new/improved features. If you need/want or have an idea for a new feature, just let us discuss it here in the forum and I can give some hints in which area of the code this would require changes.
For example some users have shown interest in periodic boundary conditions (PBC). Ideas for speed improvements of the engine are always welcome too of course. Although I might already mention that I will not favor speed over code maintainability and flexibility...

The one area openEMS is still lacking is documentation I think. The wiki is not in a very good shape I think.
What is on my list is, e.g. to create maybe a python script to convert the inline matlab function help into some ReStructuredText and using sphinx to create some nice documentation...

More Tutorials/Examples for other areas are always interesting...


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