Tutorial: MRI LP Birdcage

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MRI low pass birdcage and VF human body model

Warning: This tutorials runs for almost 7h at a speed of 65 MC/s.



  • openEMS v0.0.31 or later
  • Matlab R2011a or later for converting the body model once! (Octave currently is not supported)
  • The "Virtual Family Model" [1], more infos: [1]

This tutorial covers

  • setup of an 3T MRI low pass birdcage coil (f_0 = 128 MHz)
  • setup of a cylindrical FDTD mesh including sub-grids
  • Converting and including a Virtual Family Body Model
  • adding a 3D SAR dump box
  • calculate the S-Parameter
  • calculate and plot B_1^+ and B_1^-
  • calculate and plot the SAR distribution


MRI Low Pass BirdCage Coil, VF human body model and SAR plot in Paraview
B_1 field distribution on a xy-plane
local SAR distribution on a xy-plane


  1. Christ A, Kainz W, Hahn E G, Honegger K, Zefferer M, Neufeld E, Rascher W, Janka R, Bautz W, Chen J, Kiefer B, Schmitt P, Hollenbach H P, Shen J X, Oberle M,Szczerba D, Kam A, Guag J and Kuster N: The Virtual Family – Development of surface­based anatomical models of two adults and two children for dosimetric simulations, Phys. Med. Biol. 55 (2010)

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