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MRI Loop Coil and VF human body model



  • openEMS v0.0.31 or later
  • Matlab R2011a or later for converting the body model once! (Octave currently is not supported, see Alternatives below)
  • The "Virtual Family Model" [1]: [1] (see Alternatives below)

This tutorial covers

  • setup of a MRI Loop Coil for 7T
  • Converting and including a Virtual Family Body Model
  • adding two SAR dump box planes
  • calculate the S-Parameter and input-impedance of the loop coil
  • calculate and plot B_1^+ and B_1^-
  • calculate and plot the SAR distribution


If you don't have access to Matlab (to convert the body model once) or have no access to the virtual family body models, you may want to replace the discrete material with a simple phantom model:

CSX = AddMaterial(CSX, 'phantom_head');
CSX = SetMaterialProperty( CSX,'phantom_head', 'Epsilon', 60, 'Kappa', 0.7, 'Density', 1040);
CSX = AddSphere(CSX, 'phantom_head', 0, [0 0 0], 110,'Transform',{'Scale',[1 0.8 1]} ); 


MRI Loop Coil, VF human body model and SAR plot in Paraview
logarithmic B_1 field distribution on a xy-plane
logarithmic B_1 field distribution on a xz-plane
local SAR distribution on a xy- and xz-plane


  1. Christ A, Kainz W, Hahn E G, Honegger K, Zefferer M, Neufeld E, Rascher W, Janka R, Bautz W, Chen J, Kiefer B, Schmitt P, Hollenbach H P, Shen J X, Oberle M,Szczerba D, Kam A, Guag J and Kuster N: The Virtual Family – Development of surface­based anatomical models of two adults and two children for dosimetric simulations, Phys. Med. Biol. 55 (2010)

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